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Welcome to our Health and Safety page at Argus Group Ltd. Our services include Risk Assessment & Method Statement, Compliance Management, Emergency and Safety Management Plans, and Crisis Management. We provide comprehensive solutions for all your health and safety needs, ensuring a safe and secure environment for you and your team.

The Health & Safety Services We Offer

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Risk Assessment & Method Statement

At Argus Group Ltd, we understand the importance of identifying potential health and safety risks in the workplace. Our risk assessments are designed to identify and assess potential hazards, ensuring that appropriate control measures are in place. Our team of experienced health and safety professionals use a systematic approach to assess the risks in your workplace, providing you with a comprehensive report and practical recommendations for improvement. Choose Argus Group Ltd for thorough and reliable risk assessments.

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Compliance Management

Argus Group Ltd is committed to helping organizations comply with current and future workplace regulations. Our compliance services include a thorough review of your existing health and safety policies and procedures, ensuring that they are in line with current regulations. We provide tailored advice and support to help you meet your legal obligations, and implement any necessary changes to ensure ongoing compliance. Choose Argus Group Ltd for expert advice and peace of mind knowing that your organization is fully compliant.

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ESMP (Emergency and Safety Management Plans)

Argus Group Ltd offers comprehensive Emergency and Safety Management Plans (ESMP) services. Our team of experienced health and safety professionals will work with you to develop a customized ESMP that meets the specific needs of your organization. From emergency response planning to crisis management, our ESMP services are designed to ensure that your organization is prepared for any situation that may arise. Choose Argus Group Ltd for a comprehensive and effective ESMP.

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Crisis Management

In times of crisis, quick and effective action is essential. Argus Group Ltd offers crisis management services to help organizations respond to and recover from unexpected events. Our team of experienced crisis management professionals will work with you to develop a customized crisis management plan, ensuring that your organization is prepared to respond to any situation. From incident response to business continuity planning, we are committed to helping you minimize the impact of any crisis. Choose Argus Group Ltd for comprehensive and effective crisis management services.

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